Masai Mara

Although justifiably famous for the wildebeest migration alone, particularly the dramatic crocodile-filled crossings of the Mara river, the Masai Mara has much more to offer to visitors all year around on its gloriously beautiful, wildlife-rich savannah landscape.


The Masai Mara National Reserve was established in 1961 to protect wildlife from hunters, located on the southwestern of Kenya bordering Tanzania and forming a part of the Serengeti ecosystem.  


Home to an excellent year-round, one of the natural wonders of the world, Around two millions of wildebeest, zebra and other ungulates migrant and cross the Mara River from Serengeti National Reserve annually, despite the hungry crocodiles and hippos are waiting to hunt in the water.  It is easy to spot out hippo on the river banks and sand bars all year round. With the breath-taking views of the open plains,  it is also a perfect place for hot-air balloon tour for an avian view.





Every year the wildebeest Great Migration has to cross the Mara River in the Masai Mara, usually during July - Oct depending on rainfall of the year. This is one of the highlights as the animals try and cross the Mara River and contend with hungry crocodiles. The lions, hyenas, leopards, cheetahs and lesser predators await the annual coming of the migration with eager anticipation. 


The migration herds usually return to the Serengeti by crossing the Mara River again by mid to end of October, the migration follows the year’s annual rainfall so its pace is weather dependent.





Why Visit?

- Wildlife paradise with excellent concentration and varieties of animals - almost guaranteed to see the ‘Big 5’ and predatory kills are often witnessed in game drives


- Seeing the big cats: some 400 lions resident in the reserve; Leopards are also seen increasingly often, and good sightings of cheetahs can be expected


- Home to some of the best and most luxury safari camps in Africa


- Great Migration takes place from around July to October annually  


- Off road game drives experience in private conservancy (eg. Naboisho, Mara North) neighboring Masai Mara

When to go?

All year round except rainy season (Apr-May), for guests who wish to see river-crossing please come during mid-July-end Oct