The only place in the world where you can see lemurs in the wild, Madagascar is home to a unique plethora of wildlife. Boggle-eyed chameleons, dancing lemurs, and leaf-tailed geckos are just the start.

Madagascar is a destination like no other and has even been named the ‘8th continent’ for its enchanting beauty and resplendent breadth of diversity. An early breakaway from the earth’s single landmass Gondwanaland over 165 million years ago, this stunning island, located 250 miles off the coast of East Africa, is the world’s fourth largest. The majestic Red Island's landscapes vary from palm and forest-fringed beaches, to semi-arid deserts, limestone pinnacles, volcanoes and grassy plateaus. Combined with the immense diversity of the wildlife on offer, Madagascar is often referred to as the 'Galapagos of Africa', still providing to this day, one of the most unique and unheard of wildlife adventures left on the planet.

A safari to Madagascar is not like traditional African safaris where you explore by 4x4, here you take in the wildlife on foot. Madagascar is a prime destination for getting up close and personal with the wildlife you meet along the way, learning about the small things as much as the big and taking in the sheer diversity of one of our planet's forgotten havens.




Why Visit?

- Encounter fascinating endemic species, including up to 13 lemur species, the ring tailed lemur, wailing indri lemur, the dancing sifaka, tiny amphibians, and unusual birds.


- Explore the iconic The Baobab Alley in Morondava


- Visit Kirindy Forest to track the Fosa - the largest mammal carnivore in Madagascar.


- Impressive gorges and canyons and tiny stalagmite pinnacles in Isalo National Park.


- The chameleons in Madagascar are not to be missed. They vary in size from the enormous Parson's chameleon to the worlds tiniest, small enough to sit on your fingernail.

When to go?

It is recommended to visit during May- Nov.

The wet season is from late December through to the month of March, often involving cyclones, are best avoided.

Places You May Visit