Amboseli National Park

Declared a UNESCO-Mab Biosphere Reserve in 1991 and renowned for its dramatic views of Kilimanjaro (the highest free standing mountain in the world) and magnificent large herds of African elephant on the savannah, Amboseli National Park is a compact wildlife reserve and the second most popular national park in Kenya.


Located about four hour drive (240km) southeast of the capital city Nairobi with easy access.  Amboseli National Park is a good place to see a wide variety of Africa’s iconic animals in a short time. Game viewing against the strikingly beautiful backdrop of Kilimanjaro, towering behind and offering scenes that are instantly recognizable.



The park has an endless underground water supply filtered through thousands of feet of volcanic rock from Kilimanjaro's ice cap, which funnel into two clear water springs in the heart of the park.  Creating a great environment for high counts of plains animals throughout the year.



Why Visit?

- One of the best places in Africa to see majestic herds of big-tusked elephants


- Famous for the dramatic views of Kilimanjaro - the highest free standing mountain in the world  and the highest peak on the African continent.


- Home to hippos, gazelles, giraffes, cape buffalo, impala, waterbucks, among other African animals; good sightings of lions and hyenas, although cheetah have proved more exclusive

When to go?

All year round except rainy seasons (Apr-May)